Coloring Book For Teens: Anti-Stress Designs Vol 4 (Coloring Books for Teens)



Coloring Book For Teens Anti-Stress Designs Vol 4

This Coloring Book For Teens Anti-Stress Designs Vol 4 by Art Therapy Coloring immerses you into the world of fashion with teen coloring pages of Boho necklaces, Native American inspired jewelry, diamond rings, and Paris. This teen coloring book is full of fabulous designs with a fashion emphasis. There are entire coloring sheets devoted to feathers, dream catchers, cool clothing and hats, and geometric patterns that look like fabrics. These coloring pages for teens will ignite your creativity. Coloring Book for Teens: Stress Relieving Designs Vol 4 is for any teen who loves to color and who loves fashion – or anyone who is young at heart!

Here at Art Therapy Coloring, we create coloring books for teens that have all the attraction of the adult coloring books but with thematic designs that will appeal to teenagers. We consider that coloring is not just for young children – coloring is for everyone!

Coloring Books For Teens

  • Over thirty coloring pages created for teens
  • Helps teens to be calm and relaxed
  • A variety of designs that include fashion, flowers, mandalas and geometric patterns.
  • For use with colored pencil, gel pens, fine tip pens, etc.
  • Designs are one side of page and blank on the back
  • High quality 60# white paper
  • Designs are tailored to teens
  • 10% of the proceeds benefit pancreatic cancer patients and their families

Art Therapy Anti-Stress Coloring Books For Teens

Coloring in adult coloring books is relaxing and meditative and has turn into a popular activity for adults and teenagers. Coloring puts you in a happy mood. A regular coloring practice promotes a general sense of well-being. The amygdala relaxes when you color. The amygdala is the part of the brain that controls the “fight or flight” response and feelings of stress and fear are produced here. Your brain is in a position to calm down by taking a break from worry and stress. Coloring also boosts the production of dopamine, which is the hormone that creates feelings of pleasure. Your brain is producing chemicals that make you feel good. Did you know that you could feel so good by coloring in an adult coloring book?

Coloring may not be as creative as drawing something yourself, but this is a great way to spark your creativity. Looking at a blank page can be intimidating for some people. Everyone has creativity within themselves, but they may have forgotten how to be creative and are afraid to check out. Coloring books for teens provide a protected space in which you’ll be able to indulge your artistic desires. You don’t have to worry about what to draw. Your finished project is going to look great. This may be the confidence boost that you wish to have to explore your own creativity.

Whether you need to stimulate your creativity or you just want to color, order your copy of Coloring Book For Teens: Stress Relieving Designs Vol 4 today and experience the inspiring world of coloring in teen coloring books for yourself! This teen coloring book makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for any teen, tween, or older girl!

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