Contemporary Indonesian Fashion: Through the Looking Glass (Dress and Fashion Research)



Contemporary Indonesian fashion has undergone a period of rapid growth over the past twenty years. This book explores how through years of social, political and cultural upheaval, the rustic’s fashion has moved away from ‘national dress’ and ‘colonial fashion’ to assert its own distinct identity.

Challenging the dominant Eurocentric model of fashion and beauty discourses, Contemporary Indonesian Fashion explores the diversity and complexity of the rustic’s sartorial offerings. Weaving together local textile traditions like batik-making and ikat-weaving with up to date narratives, Indonesian fashion questions concepts of ‘tradition’ and ‘modernity’ within the developing world. On the same, the book takes us from the elite consumption of luxury brands to the large scale manufacturing of fast fashion, and introduces to new trends like ‘hijab fashion’, to create a portrait of a vibrant and growing national industry.

Exploring clothing at the streets and in shopping malls, at the catwalk, in magazines, and online, the book examines how Indonesian fashion is made, presented, and consumed. Beautifully illustrated and deeply researched, it offers a new standpoint on a unexpectedly developing new fashion capital.

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