Couture Sewing: Making Designer Trims



The devil is in the details. After spending weeks creating a couture, Chanel-inspired suit it would be a shame to skimp on the trim. Chanel collector and couture sewing expert Claire B. Shaeffer returns with Couture Sewing: Making Designer Trims to teach you everything you need to know to create and attach the perfect trim to any outfit.

Professional instruction from a renowned fashion expert. This book with DVD set presents the know-how and design-atelier secrets that Shaeffer has developed after a lifetime of collecting and studying Chanel and other couture garments.
•    With more than 280 photos paired with step-by-step instruction, Shaeffer takes the mystery out of creating designer trims.
•    A 136-minute sewing workshop allows you to sew along with Shaeffer to achieve professional results.
•    The Garment Index offers a sneak-peak into Shaeffer’s amazing couture collection and features unique designs by Davidow, Lagerfeld, Herrera, Jablow, and Chanel herself.

One outfit, many looks. Learn how to easily swap out one trim for another when you want a fresh look without creating a whole new garment. Among other skills, you’ll learn how to:
•    Topstitch like a pro to achieve a simple yet elegant trim
•    Apply ribbons, prairie points, piping, bands, and braids
•    Create intricate seamed, lining, and facing trims
•    Make your very own cord-filled piping and crocheted trims

The perfect finish to the perfect suit. Paired with Shaeffer’s previous books Couture Sewing: The Couture Cardigan Jacket (The Taunton Press, 2013) and Couture Sewing: The Couture Skirt (The Taunton Press, 2015), you’ll be able to create the perfect Chanel-inspired suit of your dreams.

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