Fashion Face Sketch Book: Templates for hairstyle, and headwear design (Fashion Croquis Sketch Books)



Want to illustrate your fashion hairstyle and headwear design ideas but wish to skip tedious face drawing routine?

Here is your solution: a fashion face sketchbook with all faces professionally designed, preprinted, ready for sketching and shaped for women’s headwear and hairstyle fashion projects.

What is in the sketchbook?

  • face templates ready for hairstyle and headwear design sketches
  • 3 fashion faces of the same style
  • three-quarter, front and side views included
  • single (one per page) face template in addition to group arrangements (in a set of two and three faces)
  • light grey color for easy sketching over the faces

How to use this sketchbook?

  • This book is a sketchbook. It isn’t a book “about fashion drawing.” This can be a book for drawing in it. Draw your sketches directly in the book
  • Draw right over the faces. Use grey face template as an underdrawing
  • Use pencil or marker (if you’re sketching the usage of a marker it’s going to be a good suggestion to place an extra sheet of paper under the page of the book you are coloring to prevent ink from bleeding through the page)

Who will have to use this sketchbook?

  • Women’s headwear fashion designers
  • Hairstylist style designers and fashion stylists
  • Anyone who have women’s fashion headwear and hairstyle ideas and need fortify in it’s picturing

Headwear and hairstyle design drawing is less stressful and more enjoyable with the Fashion Face Sketchbook with Templates for hairstyle and headwear design

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