Fashion Marketing



‘Clothing that may be not purchased or worn is notfashion’ (to paraphrase Armani)

Knowledge of marketing is very important to help ensure success andreduce the risk of failure in fashion. For the designer starting upin business, this book offers a guide to the major decisions thatwill enable you to fulfil your creative potential and be afinancial success: What are the major trends we must bemonitoring?; How must we set our prices?; What’s the mosteffective way to get our message across about the new productrange?; Which colour-wash will be the most well liked withbuyers?

Marketing is now a firmly established element of most fashionand clothing courses. Fashion Marketing is written to meetstudents’ requirements and has many features making itessential reading for anyone involved in the fashion and clothingbusiness:

· deals with up to date issues in fashion marketing

· up-to-date examples of global good practice

· exclusively about fashion marketing

· a unique contribution on range planning with a practicalblend of sound design sense and commercial realism

· a balance of theory and practice, with examples toillustrate key concepts

· clear worked numerical examples to make certain that the ideasare easily understood and retained

· over 50 diagrams

· a glossary of the main fashion marketing terms and aguide to further reading

· a systematic approach to fashion marketing, not hyperboleor speculation.

The new edition has been up to date during with new material ondifferent promotional media, visual marketing and internationalmarketing research; and new coverage of internal marketing, supplychain management, international marketing communications as well asthe role of the internet.

See for supporting packfor tutors, including PowerPoint slides for each and every chapter plus ideasand exercises for seminars.

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