Fashion Stylist: A How to Guide



I have a passion for fashion styling and as a Certified Fashion Stylist I wrote this book to inspire potential fashion stylists. The business of Wardrobe and Celebrity Fashion Styling is growing swiftly. It’s a popular career choice for many but some are practicing the profession without a complete and thorough education of what it takes to style professionally. This hands-on guide walks you through the profession of fashion styling and will give you detailed and concrete steps to take to be a professional fashion stylist. If in case you have finished this 226 page book you are going to be able to enter the world of celebrity styling. excerpt: “Fashion stylists are commonly employed to style fashion shows, photo shoots, and sets for stage and film in addition to parties or other events. Fashion stylists can also be hired to style individual people, whether they are celebrities who wish to project a certain image for their livelihood, or private people who want help figuring out their own most flattering clothes, makeup and hairstyles.” “Not surprisingly, a successful stylist will have to possess a strong visual sense. It helps to have a background in design: art, fashion, interior, or stage. And you absolutely will have to have an aptitude for color. If you have not studied color theory, the color wheel, or how color works, you are going to…..”
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