How to Draw Anime Girls: From Kawaii to Sexy and Everything in Between (Drawing Step by Step)



Do you love anime? Have you at all times dreamed of drawing anime girls from your favorite shows? If that is so, then keep reading.

Japan’s top anime series have made their way onto our TVs, Netflix accounts, and into our hearts. It’s no surprise then that kids, teens, and adults from far and wide the world are rekindling their interest in drawing. Now with this step by step guide, you, too, will be capable to draw the stunning heroines of the shows you hold dear!

Being an artist that’s enthusiastic about anime, I couldn’t lend a hand but create How to Draw Anime Girls, a beginner-friendly guide to getting these beautiful females on paper through the usage of simple templates. 

In this How to Draw Anime Girls, you will find easy-to-follow templates for drawing:

  • Neko girls (Yeah, the ones with the fluffy ears and cat-like demeanor)
  • Military girls 
  • Princesses 
  • Girls in traditional Japanese kimono
  • Schoolgirls (Think Haruhi Suzumiya)
  • Sensei
  • European style girls (Gosick, somebody?)
  • Tomboys
  • Idol Girls (Miku Hatsune-style, yeah!)
  • Girls in traditional Chinese garments
  • Chibi girls! 
  • Warrior girls
  • Magical girls! (Wouldn’t miss these)

If you are prepared to level up your drawing abilites and draw your favorite anime girl characters, then click the ‘add to cart’ button and get your copy today!

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