How to draw fashion figure: Essential figure drawing techniques for women’s wear designers (Fashion Croquis Books)



Draw a fashion figure from scratch. Learn how to change any figure template by making simple transformations. Save time and effort on the fashion figure drawing process. 

The book is a collection of techniques and methods which let you:

  • draw accurate fashion figure with less stress and with minimum effort
  • modify proportions and body style of the figure
  • create multiple figures of more than a few styles from the same croquis 

    No previous figure drawing knowledge and skill is required for this book.
    Beginners: Jump start your drawing process: skip tedious typical figure drawing routine. Find the method which works best for you. Develop your drawing style with practice.
    Professionals: Explore the flexibility and effectiveness of methods described in the book. Practice the techniques of converting one style into another: mix and match practical methods described in the book. 

    With this book you’re going to learn:

  • How to draw figure styles and proportions
    • for plus size fashion figures
    • for maternity designs
    • for runway model figures inspired by “haute couture” style
    • for fashion design projects with “nine heads tall” croquis
  • How to create a basic female fashion figure from the beginning, without the use of any templates:
    • learn “cutting method” create a fashion figure the use of paper cutouts
    • learn “freehand drawing method” create a fashion figure by drawing with a pencil
    • learn how to manipulate figure by adjusting cutouts into different proportions
    • learn how to modify poses and movements in the figure template
    • learn how to combine cutting and freehand drawing methods for better results

Book offers additional resources on:

  • face drawing
  • hands drawing
  • gallery oh hairstyles
    Before you buy the book, please make a note that:
  • The book is for womenswear designers: there’s no children’s figure
    or male figure study in the book.
  • The book makes a speciality of essential, standard, fashion design relevant
    poses and movements.
  • The book is all about drawing figure: we do not study apparel drawing in this book. If you are in search of resources on apparel drawing use other Fashion Croquis books from the same book series.
  • We do not offer figure drawing templates in this book. This book helps you to
    create your figure template. If you are in search of pre-drawn, ready for use
    figure templates for fashion, we suggest you use other Fashion Croquis books
    from the same book series.

About the creator:
Irina V. Ivanova is a fashion designer and visual artist: the writer of the Fashion Croquis book series. Book condense years of teaching experience and illustration practice. Irina’s classic figure drawing training combined with professional fashion design education and experience makes her an effective teacher for fashion figure drawing. 20 + years of teaching college-level courses on Fashion illustration and Figure drawing made this book imaginable.
The book “How to draw fashion figure” by Irina V. Ivanova offers you a collection of practical, easy to use, original figure drawing techniques which you do not find in a typical fashion drawing book.

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