How to Draw Fashion Flats: A practical guide to fashion technical drawing (pencil and marker techniques) (Fashion…




Draw fashion flats with easiness, accuracy and confidence the usage of this one of a kind book.
“How to attract fashion flats” is a comprehensive, practical guide to technical apparel drawing. The book makes a speciality of pencil and marker techniques with rulers and French curves.
This expert, hands-on, guide make essential basic concepts of fashion flats easy to take into account. Text in the book is concise and to-the-point. More than 700 hand drawn visuals are in the book to illustrate every step, every term, and every concept. This can be a unique book, created by professionals for professionals. Book saves time and makes the complexity of technical drawing easy to comprehend.
Who must use this book?

  • Independent designer or small business professional. Be more efficient by making the process of creating and correcting flats easier and more reliable.
  • Professionals in the field of fashion design, apparel technical design and garment product development. Draw accurate flats with this book.
  • Fashion merchandising professionals. Use the book as a reference for garment elements terms and a glossary of garment types.
  • Students who study fashion design, patternmaking and fashion merchandising. With this book, a student’s project can rich a level of professional competency.

What is in the book?

  • Step-by-step guides on how to attract pants, t-shirts, jackets, swimwear, and skirts.
  • Do’s and don’ts, the right and flawed examples (visuals with captions)
  • Visual galleries of garment details.
  • Main fashion apparel terms illustrated.
  • Drawing tips from the expert.
  • Figure templates for drawing flats. Use the figure templates to attract your flats. Women, men, children (4 different age groups) in addition to a plus size women and big and tall man figures.
  • The Gallery of completed projects. Learn the main steps of development flats from sketches. Gallery shows fashion illustrations with matching flats and work sketches.

Who created this book?
Irina V. Ivanova is a fashion designer and professional visual artist. Irina is the creator of the “Children’s wear fashion illustration resource book”.
With this book, you’ll draw accurate fashion flats, fast and with confidence.
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