Pattern Card / Pattern Making Card / Pattern Record Card – (100 Pack) MADE IN THE USA


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Pattern card is a term used in the industry to describe a record of the pattern style. It’s going to will contain a list of the entire pieces in the pattern set. It’s going to also include any special information about the pattern, how many to cut of each and every piece, if there may be lining or interfacing, notions, sewing instructions, and a flat technical sketch of the garment. Easy. Organization. Pattern cards, when used along with pattern hooks and a rabbit punch, are great tools to keep your patterns organized and easy to store. And I know that many of you have a problem organizing and storing patterns!Pattern cards are very important if you wish to draft your own patterns. Once you begin to build up a library of styles…things will get ugly if you do not take preventative measures! The pattern card will include the entire important information you want to know about a style, at a glance! Style name and description Size range of the pattern Pattern pieces and how many to cut Notions needed to sew garment Fabric and yardage Fabric care and washing instructions Any special notes about the style
High Quality
Optimum Performance
Made in USA
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