Pattern Design: Fundamentals: Construction and Pattern Making for Fashion Design




Note that there are different versions of this book available. The paperback published by Createspace has black and white interior images, whilst the books published by Los Angeles Fashion Resource and Fairbanks publishing contain color images inside the book

Pattern Design: Fundamentals is an ideal book for beginners to the field of fashion design as well as self-guided learners. Pattern Design: Fundamentals covers the basics of pattern making, terminology and drafting concepts. This book is different than all other drafting books of its kind. This drafting book combines knowledge of drafting with sewing and construction. Please note that this book does not include “draft-by-measure.” Draft-by-measure is an intermediate topic and it is best to bear in mind how to manipulate patterns before trying to draft the use of personal measurements. This topic will be discussed in the Sloper book.

The best way to bear in mind how patterns are drafted is to bear in mind how the drafts are constructed, why certain pattern markings are used and in what order a pattern will have to be constructed. Understanding the construction, solidifies one’s drafting knowledge, connecting the dots of two-dimensional drafting to the three-dimensional finished garment.

Pattern Design was developed by designer and educator Jennifer Lynne Matthews-Fairbanks. Fairbanks years of instructing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising coupled with her years running her own design and sewing studio, make for the ideal combination of teaching to the visual and self-guided learner.

Chapters 1 and 2 introduce you to the tools, terms and pattern markings, including fabrics used, grainlines of patterns and the grain of a fabric. You’ll create a simple pattern with all appropriate markings from an unaltered sloper and learn each a part of all slopers used all over the book.

In the first section, “Shape,” Pattern Design walks you through manipulating darts with the pivot and slash and spread methods, creating pleats, tucks and gathers. Each chapter details the basics of construction so as to complete each exercise fully and utilizes several different slopers to show how each concept will also be translated to different garment types.

Section two, “Line,” covers style lines (also known as seam lines) and combines style lines with design elements from the “Shape” section.

The third section, “Details,” includes beginner design detail concepts such as pockets, extensions, collars and banding. Pocket exercises include patch pockets, in-seam pockets and inset pockets. Extensions for buttons and placket for blouses are also demonstrated. The banding chapter covers simple waistbands and sleeve cuffs.

The forth and final section covers “Finishes.” Finishes include facings, zipper insertion and basic hemming.

Pattern Design: Fundamentals covers the material that most fashion design students learn in their first year of schooling. The book is an ideal guide for self-learners or for classroom instruction.

Pattern Design: Fundamentals is the first book in this pattern making series of books.

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