Pattern Making:: A Practical Treatise for the Pattern Maker on Wood-Working and Wood Turning, Tools and Equipment…



This art has expanded wonderfully up to now few years just as other branches of our mechanical industries have developed, for the work of the pattern maker is step one in the various mechanical operations which result in a completed machine. Modern machinery is so complicated and has grown to the sort of size that the complexity of the patterns has increased in proportion. This has necessitated a greater skill on the a part of the pattern maker in the design of the patterns and in the making of the cores, in addition to a wider acquaintance with the quite a lot of foundry methods which have their effect upon pattern construction. Furthermore, with the increase in the duplication of castings in modern manufacturing has come a wider use of metal master patterns, which have given rise to new responsibilities for the pattern maker, and have made him perforce a machinist in addition to a carpenter. This article aims to cover fully the subject of pattern making, giving the tools and equipment necessary, the design details of simple and complicated patterns for typical cases, the usage of green and dry sand cores, and in any case the construction and design of a typical molding machine with details as to the manner in which the castings are designed to suit this machine. Both the original and the revising authors have had exceptional experience not only in practical work but in the teaching of the subject and it is the hope of the publishers that the book will be found of distinct practical value in its field.
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