Pattern Making — Drafting 1930s Lingerie, Blouses, Skirts and Sp­ortswear Fashions



Originally published in 1937, this rare book was once written from two aspects of pattern making — creating your own drawn to measure patterns and adjusting commercial patterns to fit the differences in your body as opposed to “stock size” patterns.

Drawn to measure patterns use your own body measurements and make allowance for individual irregularities to be accounted for when making garments. To begin, the creator has you measure your body. You then learn the fundamental principles of pattern making by making simple garments with simple modifications — perfect for beginning pattern makers and sewers. You can start out with simple patterns including: scarf, cravat, dressing wraps, nightgown with loose sleeve bands, sunbathing top, simple brassiere, french knickers, circular collar and matching circular cuffs, flared jabot.

The remaining chapters teach you how to create specific types of foundation patterns — magyar, bodice, dressing gown, one piece, knicker, petticoat and skirt — with which all other garments right through the book are created. The usage of these foundation patterns as a base, you’ll be able to create various garments from one foundation pattern, combine different foundation patterns to make even more garments and use your newly learned drafting skills to create your own designs.

For adjusting commercial patterns, the creator explains in detail and with diagrams how to lengthen and shorten patterns by simply adding/removing paper, making a dart-like pleat to adjust shoulder lines, and how to adjust the neck of a pattern. Testing paper patterns (by trying them on), preparing material for cutting, folding material for cutting, and planning out the pattern are also covered in detail.

Over 70 garments may also be made The usage of this book and even more The usage of your own combinations with the foundation patterns. Sample pattern images are shown at the top of this page.
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