Pattern Making for Dressmaking and Needlework — Drafting and Sewing 1930s Fashi­ons



Originally published in 1935, this rare sewing book was once written as a guide for teachers and students to be informed pattern making The use of two different methods — (1) proportionate patterns The use of the bust measurement as a base for garment making and (2) the direct measurement method The use of more than one body measurements (bust, hips, and so on.). The use of the block method of pattern making, the authors begin by showing how to draft a bodice block pattern The use of both methods. At this point, you’ll decide which method works best for your body type. Because this book was once used as a teaching guide for pattern drafting, you’ll be sure its techniques will be easy to use for both beginning and advanced sewers. Over 60 illustrations outline the pattern making process (each and every fashion has a pattern diagram and six completed styles are illustrated) with the text providing instructions for making over 40 items — PLEASE SEE the contents page at the top of this page for a full listing of fashions. Making a simple bodice pattern for children, cutting frocks, making a frock foundation, and cutting armholes for sleeveless frocks are also covered with the bonus of additional instructions for creating patterns based on different body features such as larger figures, large shoulder blades, large hips, small busts, small girls and women sizes. The 1930s brought us fashions that defined a woman’s waist, narrowed her hips and accentuated her shoulders — all of which provided a beautiful feminine silhouette. This book will teach you how to reach those same fashion qualities and create a romantic wardrobe of skirts, blouses and lingerie to give your days style and glamour. Sample fashions and book illustrations are shown at the top of this page.
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