Quilt Big: Bigger Blocks for Faster Finishes



Big, bold, impressive designs that sew together quickly and easily!

Approaching quilting in a large way, Quilt Big takes the inherent beauty found in single block patterns and creates big, bold quilts, quickly and easily. Whether you might be simply short on time or intimidated by complex quilts, Quilt Big will show you how super-sizing your blocks make for faster finishes and so a lot more. On this block book and design resource, you can find:

  • 22 BIG blocks to sing their own praises your favorite fabrics in incredible ways.
  • Step-by-step guide to scaling traditional blocks to oversized designs.
  • 17 quilt designs featuring bold, super-sized blocks. Plus, these 15″, 18″, and 24″ blocks are interchangeable for one-of-a-kind finished projects!
  • No CD required! Block patterns have been designed in a way that no specially sized templates are needed.

If you might be new to quilting, there is no better way to be informed than on a grand scale. And, for the experienced quilter, large block pieces are a fabric-friendly solution to feature your favorite designer collections. Super-size your love of quilting with Quilt Big!

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