The Useful Knots Book: How to Tie the 25+ Most Practical Knots (Escape, Evasion, and Survival)



Discover How to Tie the Only Knots You’ll be able to Ever Need!

Knowing how to tie knots is the most important and useful skill, but some people get overwhelmed.

There are many knots, far too many for the average person to remember that them all.

Fortunately, being able to tie just a handful of knots is enough to see you through.

The Useful Knots Book is a no-nonsense knot guide on how to tie the 25+ most practical rope knots.

It comes with easy to follow instructions and pictures for tying each of the knots. It also has tips on when to best use each knot.

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  • Survival roping techniques. Discover ways to get yourself out of survival situations the use of nothing but a rope.
  • How to offer protection to yourself from environmental dangers. Don’t perish from cold and heat illnesses!
  • A basic first aid guide so you’ll be able to save lives in critical situations.
  • The Survival Fitness Plan Super Burpee. A warm-up, stretch, and conditioning workout all in one exercise.
  • A 15-minute yoga stretch routine.

The Ultimate Knots Guide

  • Explanations of common knots and ropes terms
  • Easy to follow instructions and clear pictures
  • Tips for proper rope care
  • Advice on how to select right knot for the job
  • All the fundamental boy scout knots

… and much, much more!

Learn About The 5 Main Types of Knots and When to Use Them

  • Stopper Knots
  • Loops
  • Hitches
  • Bends
  • Lashing

Discover the entire Knots You Need

in this complete knot tying visual guide

  • From basic knots to more advanced ones
  • Climbing knots
  • Various bowline knots
  • Fishing knots
  • Boating knots
  • Knots for survival

… and more!

Get Your Copy of The Useful Knots Book and Start Tying Knots Today

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