World Clothing and Fashion: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Social Influence



Taking a global, multicultural, social, and economic standpoint, this work explores the various and colourful history of human attire. From prehistoric times to the age of globalization, articles cover the evolution of clothing utility, style, production, and commerce, including accessories (shoes, hats, gloves, handbags, and jewellery) for men, women, and kids.

Dress for various climates, occupations, recreational activities, spiritual observances, rites of passages, and other human needs and purposes – from hunting and warfare to sports and space exploration – are examined in depth and detail. Fashion and design trends in diverse historical periods, regions and countries, and social and ethnic groups constitute a huge area of coverage, as does the evolution of fabrics (from animal fur to textiles to synthetic fabrics) and production methods (from sewing and weaving to industrial manufacturing and computer-aided design). Get dressed as a mirrored image of social status, intellectual and artistic trends, economic conditions, cultural exchange, and up to date media marketing are recurring themes. Influential figures and institutions in fashion design, industry and manufacturing, retail sales, production technologies, and related fields are also covered.
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