Your Beautiful Heart: 31 Reflections on Love, Faith, Friendship, and Becoming a Girl Who Shines



“Beauty is on the inside.” We are aware of it’s true . . . yet once in a while it kind of feels tough to fully imagine it. What would your world be like if you in point of fact felt beautiful and lived each day full of that confidence and joy?

Fashion journalist Lauren Scruggs knows how it feels to search for beauty. She grew up knowing of God’s love, but never fully understood what that love meant, or how it extended to the deepest parts of her soul―until a horrible accident that resulted in the loss of both her left eye and hand. In her darkest hours, everything Lauren believed was once tested. Yet it was once there that God showed her where real beauty comes from: the unfailing love of the Author. God’s love is what in point of fact makes us lovely.

Using stories from Lauren’s accident, recovery, and experiences in the fashion world, Your Beautiful Heart explores issues that teen girls face each day: body image, self-worth, peer pressure, and a lot more. Whether you read the book by yourself or with a group of friends, Lauren’s personal message of love, faith, and value will show you what it means to be a girl who radiates with true beauty.
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